Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Establishing Measurable IEP Goals is Essential

By the time the team reaches the Goals section of the IEP document, everyone at the table is usually becoming restless. The last two parts of the document are the ones that most parents and other team members are anxious to discuss: Services and Placement. Inevitably the Goals section does not always get the attention and careful crafting it deserves.  This section IS your child’s plan! It is extremely important and not something to be rushed.  In the Goals section, the team is anticipating the progress your child will make within the next 11-12 months.  This goal has to be measurable.  Every quarter, the progress toward the goal is reported.  In order to ensure your child is making sufficient progress to meet that goal, the progress report needs to be accurately and objectively measured.

Tracking Progress

Charting the Course compares last year’s IEP goals and progress reports against the proposed goals for the current IEP year.  This is important, as many school teams use the same goals year after year with no revision, yet report the student is making sufficient progress to meet the goal. We assist you and the school team to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based) IEP Goals that will help your child move closer toward your vision.  We then follow your child’s progress through the school year to ensure that goals are being reported objectively and accurately.  If your child is making better than expected progress, or not enough, we work with you to determine if the team should reconvene to reassess the goal and revise it as necessary.

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