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Educational Advocacy Services

Advocacy Planning

Before knowing where you are going, you need a destination. Together we will develop a vision for your child’s future, create a plan of action, and enlist others in sharing that vision to make it a reality.

School Meetings

Attending school meetings is one of the most common reasons parents first hire an educational advocate. You will receive support for each meeting with planning, attendance, and follow up services.

Record Review

Having a child with extra needs undoubtedly entails a sea of paperwork. Your advocate will help you make sense of it all, highlight important information, and create a system to keep it organized.

Progress Monitoring

What good does having a goal do if progress is not carefully monitored? Periodic review of progress is critical to the success of any IEP, and we stay on top of that with you throughout the school year.

Dispute Options

When a disagreement regarding an educational plan arises, there is often confusion about who to contact and what processes to follow. We guide you through all available options and will suggest when an educational lawyer may be necessary.

Training and Social Opportunities

Learning more about the special education process is something we owe our kids who need extra supports. Connecting with other families is something we owe ourselves. We help you do both.

Alternative Options

The special education process can move frustratingly slow. For parents looking at alternative educational options, we demystify choices outside of public education to help you make an informed decision.


The truth is that as a parent of a child with extra needs, you will need an entire team of professionals working together to ensure a positive outcome. We connect you with other specialists who you may wish to recruit to your child’s team.


Would you like assistance with a specific problem? Or are you looking for a more intensive advocacy partnership?

Ah, costs.  Our least favorite thing to bring up.  Although we set aside a percentage of hours for pro-bono work, we need to keep the lights on.  Our cost structure is carefully formulated to balance everyone’s need for affordable advocacy and to serve a fair and just number of pro-bono clients.

If your family receives FARMs and/or SNAP benefits, please contact us for information about our pro-bono services.  We hope to provide effective advocacy to as many families as possible, regardless of income.

Per Service

Flat Fees

Our most common services are charged a flat rate, so there is less “on the clock” feeling involved.

Per Hour


Some services are charged at our hourly rate

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Enhance Your Child's Team With an Advocate