Protect your child's rights with an Educational Advocate

Are you feeling overwhelmed, underinformed, emotional, or even bullied by the systems that are supposed to be helping your child succeed?

It’s time to add an experienced Advocate to your team.

Get Help With

Advocacy Planning

Before knowing where you are going, you need a destination.  Together we will develop a vision for your child’s future, create a plan of action, and enlist others in sharing that vision to make it a reality.

School Meetings


Attending school meetings is one of the most common reasons parents hire an educational advocate. You will receive support for each meeting with planning, attendance, and follow up services.

Record Review

Document Management

Having a child with extra needs undoubtedly entails a sea of paperwork. Your advocate will help you make sense of it all, highlight important information, and create a system to keep it organized.

Progress Monitoring

What good does having goals do if progress is not carefully monitored? Periodic review of progress is critical to the success of any IEP, and we will stay on top of that together throughout the school year.


and Social Opportunities

Learning more about the special education process is something we owe our kids who need extra supports.  Connecting with other families is something we owe ourselves.  Charting the Course helps you do both.

Alternative Options

The special education process can move frustratingly slowly.  For parents looking at alternative educational options, your advocate can demystify choices outside of public education to help you make an informed decision.


The truth is, as a parent of a child with extra needs you will need an entire team of professionals working together to ensure a positive outcome.  Discover local and national resources that can help your child thrive.

Areas Addressed

School Issues and Diagnoses Charting the Course, LLC Encounters Most Frequently

  • Discipline Referrals
  • Inattention
  • Work Completion
  • Executive Functioning
  • Social Challenges
  • Emotional Disabilities

Beth Ann attended IEP meetings with me and advocated for my son's nonpublic placement with respect, and genuine care for my family.

- MD Parent

I am a licensed clinical social worker who provides recommendations to parents who are seeking support for their children with learning differences, behavioral issues, and mental health needs. For my most challenging cases, I consult with Beth Ann [to obtain information on resources]. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and always puts the best interests of the child first. This is what she is meant to do.

- C. Keen, LICSW

Beth Ann is extremely passionate about ensuring families get the proper services they need for their children. She had to research and advocate during all of her children’s years in school. She has gained a wealth of knowledge that she doesn’t want to keep to herself. Beth Ann desires to help and educate families that need support in this area so they will know they are not alone and so they will gain knowledge necessary to help their children. One would not go wrong with her.

- A C Nelson

Beth Ann's passion in her advocacy shows when she is talking with families and educating her families on how an IEP is supposed to be utilized.

- M.G.


Get Informed

A Special Education Advocate protects the civil rights of children with special needs, their rights to due process, and their rights to equal access to equitable public school education. They have the knowledge and expertise concerning special education and its applicable federal and state laws and work within the bounds of these laws. They must remain current with applicable regulations and special education issues through continuing education and training.

From the COPAA Advocate Voluntary Code of Ethics Preamble

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