Assemble a Strong Team

IDEA requires the school district to supply a minimum number of people with specialized knowledge to be included at the IEP table, and for good reason.  Each person on your child’s IEP team brings years of expertise to the table in order to craft an effective program that accounts for your child’s unique needs. Although the district chooses who will fill those roles, you are able to enlist anyone else you want to include on your child’s team, even if that role is also being filled by a school system employee.  Most of your child’s providers outside of school may not be able to attend the meetings in person (or even by phone or video). You can still request your child’s private provider share a letter with information they would like the rest of the team to consider when creating or revising your child’s IEP.

Your advocate can help you understand what types of professionals are available in the community to enhance your child’s team.  Charting the Course LLC does not endorse any provider over another, nor warrant services provided, but can supply contact information for several providers to help get you started in your search.  Upon request you will also be informed of low-to-no cost resources available locally and nationally that can strengthen your own advocacy efforts.

Having a team that you feel is working toward a positive outcome for your child is important.  Your advocate will guide you in determining what options you have when you disagree with an IEP team member or feel they are not working in your child’s best interest.

When you present documentation to the IEP team, they must consider the information.  If the documentation includes a recommendation that you believe should be included in your child’s IEP, the request and the team’s decision regarding the request must be documented in the Prior Written Notice document after discussing it at the meeting.

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